The i-Lax Series of proportional joystick controllers are designed to provide simple operation and amount to an advancement of telemetry control, designed to give security professionals control by means of a unified approach interface to manage various video peripherals that are remotely located from the operator.




Model ISB-803J Controller
Like the 801 & 802 controllers the 803 is mainly speed dome controllers it has alegant designed and it gives security professionals facilitates complete control over Digitial Video Recorders DVRs and up to 256 speed domes. It comes with a logical and ergonomic keypad and LCD display, 3 axis proportional joystick for pinpoint control, multi protocol and RS-485 communication support.

- Controls up to 255 Speed Dome Cameras
- Supports Multi protocol
- Programmable preferences such as; Preset, Tour, Pattern, etc.
- Works as USB mouse
- DVR interface Controler

  Download data sheet.

I-SW6416 Video Matrix
ISB-801J Controller

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