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The i-Lax Series of colour and black & white CRT monitors come with a universal power supply that allows it to operate over a large range of input voltages and frequencies and incorporates a multi-standard scan system that enables both EIA and CCIR video standards to be used in a single monitor. Our colour CRT monitors also incorporate an auto-selectable system that enables either NTSC and PAL standards.

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Black & White CRT Monitors
Our high resolution Black & White CRT monitor series provides video loop output, OSD functionality and CCIR / EIA auto switching. The H Series features a latching power switch which remains in its set position – either On or Off – eliminating the need to turn the monitor back on in the event of a power loss. It has a composite BNC connector with looping output. The BNC connectors are auto terminating, eliminating the need for installers to set termination switches when using for loop-through video. These monitors have an optimal viewing distance of five feet (1.5m) or less from the operator’s eyes and is ideal for video surveillance and security applications. It’s size and attractive styling are ideal for rack mount or desktop use. The monitor can be easily rack mounted.

    14" (35.6cm) CRT Screen
    Panel Control: H-hold, V-hold, Bright, Contrast, Power
    Power Consumption: 30 W
    Weight: 21 Lbs (9.5 Kg)

    21" (53.3cm) CRT Screen
    Panel Control: Bright, Contrast, Power
    Power Consumption: 75 W
    Weight: 55 Lbs (25 Kg)

  Download specifications for B & W Monitors.

Colour CRT Monitors
This high resolution colour CRT monitor series comes with built-in Combo colour filter, video loop output, OSD functionality and NTSC / PAL auto switching. This high-performance monitor is designed with advanced colour processing for enhanced colour purity and transition. The HD series offersup to 450 lines of resolution (PAL) and allows the user to adjust the picture’s sharpness, contrast, brightness, colour and tint through a user-friendly OSD interface to maximize picture quality. These professional monitors are ideal for an optimal viewing distance of six feet (1.8m) or less and provide outstanding colour reproduction for security and surveillance applications where video quality cannot be compromised.

    14" (35.6cm) CRT Screen
    Power Consumption: 60 W
    Weight: 26.5 Lbs (12 Kg)

    21" (53.3cm) CRT Screen
    Power Consumption: 75 W
    Weight: 55 Lbs (25 Kg)

  Download specifications for Colour Monitors.

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