The i-Lax Matrix switches are designed to manage video devices that allow the switching of cameras and other video inputs to outputs, including monitors and recording devices with both ease and flexibility. They can be used in a wide range of applications where numerous cameras, PTZ domes, monitors, DVRs and other CCTV peripherals are managed - whether in various locations and/or by multiple users.



Video Matrix I-SW25616
The I-SW25616 Matrix uses particularly large processing video-switching chips as multi-channel of video-switching Matrix LSI. This unit provides advanced switching techniques and simplified system configuration that enhances reliability. It is able to display any camera's input on any monitor and can be controlled by manual operation or self switching. The user is able to operate and program the system by the keyboards which have an integrated function. It is designed to use maximum 16 keyboards (ISB-801J) / monitors or other peripheral equipment in the system.


    * Controlled by keyboard with LCD display and joystick.
    * Display Camera's title on the screen of monitor.
    * Maximum video inputs is up to 256.
    * Maximum video outputs is up to 16.
    * Multi language menu
    * Multi switching methods, such as like Free, Process, Synchronous, Group switching etc.
    * Integrated video switching and alarm control
    * Control constant Speed Dome and other motorized dome with zoom camera module.
    * Built-in 16 channels alarm input, 2 channels alarm linkage output
    * Automatic video switching on alarm event to monitor and recorder.
    * Modular design with standard 4U stacking case.
    * Three RS-485 ports and one RS-232 port.
    * Built-in input/output module.

  Download data sheet.

ISB-801J Controllers
ISB-802J Controllers

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