The i-Lax Series of proportional joystick controllers are designed to provide simple operation and amount to an advancement of telemetry control, designed to give security professionals control by means of a unified approach interface to manage various video peripherals that are remotely located from the operator.



4 Channel Real-Time Colour Quad
This 4 channel Quad provides zoom functionality to allow enlarging a specific quadrant or single full screen as well as PiP capability and automatic loss, alarm and reset.

  Download data sheet.

8 Channel High Resolution Colour Duo-Quad (with zoom)
This high resolution Duo Quad provides full screen picture zoom function during VCR playback with automatic video loss and alarm detection that produces two different sounds and it also provides Automatic Gain Control (AGC) for each camera input.

  Download data sheet.

ISB-801J and ISB-802J Controllers
I-SW6416 Video Matrix
IMP Series Duplex Colour Multiplexers

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