With years of industry experience, i-Lax knows that video surveillance systems are more than just cameras, digital video recorders, or monitors - it is about providing complete solutions that are suitable for a wide range of applications. That is why we provide a full range of both active and passive baluns as well as IP and fibre optic transmission componants.

Although coax is the most often used form of transmission media, twisted pair and fibre optic solutions are becoming increasingly popular with their far superior characteristics.

Twisted pair transmission permits higher cabling density and longer transmission distances than traditional coaxial cable. The advantages of twisted pair transmission include lower labour costs with easy wire installation, a wider range of communication options, lower cost cabling compared with fibre optics and coaxial cable and provides greater immunity to interference and noise.

Fibre optic transmission uses light to transmit data, rather than electric currents. There are a number of significant advantages including higher security, very wide bandwidth and fibre cables can be run great distances with no loss of data. However, connecting and terminating fibre optic cables requires special tools and better precision of workmanship than with any other cable. Also switching and routing of fibre optic signals is somewhat more problematic.

The i-Lax Passive single channel Baluns transmit a full colour or monochrome video signal up to 600 metres. See more..

Our Active video baluns have a range from 1500 meters (colour) or 2400 meters B & W via 5 UTP cable. See more..

The i-Lax Fibre Optic solutions allow for high bandwidth video and data transmission at a distance of up to 120 kilometres. See more..

The i-Lax IP servers transmit H.264, MPEG-4 and M-JPEG simultaneiusly and supports a wide range of protocols and much more..

For information on the configuration and installation of twisted pair and fibre optic transmission componants please visit our on-line services page or conatct us at info@i-lax.ca.

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